Ashley Iaconetti Talks Bachelor In Paradise 4 & If She’s Going To Return For The Third Time

Bachelor in Paradise has officially started filming on Saturday and we will reveal the contestants for season 4 VERY SOON.

Is Ashley Iaconetti going to return to the franchise for the fourth time to find love?

“I wouldn’t torture myself,” Ashley  said during the Bachelor in Paradise event when asked about the upcoming season.

“The last guy I went on dates with was a set up. I hate dating! It’s the worst. I’ve never thought it was fun. The only fun part about it is getting to eat food and getting dressed up. Then once I’m dressed up, I’m like, ‘well I don’t want to waste this with this guy,’” she added.

“I’m never excited to go on the dates that I get asked on. I’m so picky, I just never crush… unless it’s on TV apparently, and then they never reciprocate. It’s a whole debacle; when it comes down to it, I really just don’t like a lot of guys. It’s really tough for me to be attracted to someone. It happens like once a year that I meet a guy that I want to make out with.”

Speaking of Paradise..

“Jorge’s not coming back as the bartender in Paradise because Jorge is doing his own thing,” Ashley reveals. “He has his own tour company … so he’s building his own company and he won’t be here this year.”


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