Ashley I. Recaps Last Bachelorette Episode – ‘All the Worst Guys Have One Thing in Common’

Ashley Iaconetti recaped the last Bachelorette episode on Cosmopolitan.

Here’s what she had to say about Monday night’s drama filled episode.

“Hannah’s blinders are off! Girl had a breakthrough with Luke P! She said his confidence walks a fine line between being attractive and a total turn-off. She went from being infatuated and “thrilled” by him just last week to frustrated at his arrogance this week.

Hannah confronted Luke on the second group date and we see Luke struggle with this when he tries to get more time with Hannah during the group date.

Look, I get that it’s the worst feeling having to sit there out of control when you’re full of nerves and uncertainty, but interrupting isn’t ever going to be a good look when you’ve already had your time. He was self-sabotaging all over the place on that group date.”


“Cam, who we already saw start to unravel last week, was the most obnoxious offender, insisting that he had something important to tell Hannah during his group date. See another example of seriously self-centered behavior.

Cam ended up saving his sob stories for the end-of-week cocktail party. He went on a spiel about how it was important that he get alone time with Hannah right off the bat and that the story he was going to share with her led to the demise of prior relationships.

It did seem like a last-ditch effort for a pity rose (which is what Mike ended up calling it). While it looked desperate on Cam’s part, I’ll defend him for a second and say, from what we saw, Cam never told the guys he was campaigning for a pity rose. All he said was that he didn’t expect to get a rose that night. Do a little research and you’ll find that Cam does have lymphedema, which sucks, but I don’t think revealing a medical condition should be the sole reason for someone to stick around on The Bachelorette. In Cam’s case, it didn’t. He left at the rose ceremony and referred to himself in the third person in his exit interview, which was yucky.

I haven’t focused much on the positive in this recap, so here are my stand-out swoon moments: Connor left notes around Hannah’s hotel room and I can think of few things that make a girl feel as special as handwritten words of affirmation. Jed and Hannah made wishes on a chicken nugget. Is the show sponsored by McDonald’s now? Because I’m going to end up at McDonald’s every Tuesday if this nugget theme continues. Hannah is super smiley over Pilot Peter and her body language demonstrates she’s engaged with everything he said about his family.”

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