Arie & Kendall’s Date Was ‘One of the Most Bizarre Hometowns We’ve Ever Seen – Chris Harrison Blogs

Every week, Bachelor host and executive producer Chris Harrison will be blogging his behind the scenes take on the latest episode of The Bachelor exclusively on EW.

Here’s what Chris had to say about Arie and Kendall’s hometown date:

“I think in some ways Arie’s date with Kendall was one of the most bizarre hometown activities we’ve ever seen, but in some ways it was very much “them.” Kendall is right in acknowledging that because their relationship started a little bit slower, it’s worthwhile to just keep trying to jump in with both feet.

If a man can’t grab a mouse-skin and stuff it full of cotton for you, is he really the right guy? Or something like that. It was also great to meet Kendall’s twin and her parents, who I think gave Arie some really good insight into who she is.”

About Tia going home, Women Tell All this Sunday and The Bachelor Winter Games.

“It was terrible to see Tia go home. She was so blindsided, as anyone would be, but we’ll get to hear more from her this coming Sunday at the Women Tell All. You’ll also get to hear from Bekah M., Seinne, and Krystal! It’s gonna be a wild one.

Then, on Monday, the romantic overnight dates take us to the magical land of Ica, Peru! And don’t forget to catch one of the last episodes of The Bachelor Winter Games tomorrow night! See you then, Bachelor Nation!”

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