Amanda Stanton Opens Up About Dating Again, Talks About Josh Murray Split

Amanda Stanton and Josh Murray broke up about 2 months ago and the Bachelor beauty finally opened up about the split and dating again.

The Bachelor in Paradise star held a Instagram Live Q n A for her fans, answering some tough questions from Josh to fitness tips and her new life as a single mom.

“We were very different people at the end of the day,” she talks about calling off her engagement.

She added, “Sometimes things don’t work out.”

The mother of two said she will be taking things a lot slower when it comes to dating in the future.
Because of the nature of the reality show, they got engaged in a matter of 18 days and she introduced him to her daughters soon after, who clearly got attached.
She is also back on the dating scene.
Without mentioning anyone, she teased a little coffee date with another guy. Wells? The mystery man remained unnamed.
She also added that she has plenty of other things to keep her busy like her beauty blog, designing her house and some quality friends time.

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