Amanda Spills on Ben & Lauren’s Split and Josh Murray

Lauren Bushnell and Ben Higgins just announced the end of their 18-month engagement last week, but the Bachelor season 20 winner got her bestie Amanda Stanton to help her get over her recent breakup.

During a Facebook Live interview with ET, the Bachelor in Paradise winner spoke about Ben and Lauren’s split.

“They’re both such great people and they both love and respect each other so much and things just didn’t work out.”

She also notes the “pressure from fans” who want the relationship to work out.

 “You don’t want to let them down, so I definitely think that adds kind of like a weird pressure to your relationship,” she adds.

“I’m definitely trying to be there for her [now],” she spills, revealing that she’s been “driving up to L.A. to just hang out because I know it can be lonely.”

Amanda also shot down rumors that she and Murray will reconcile after ending their engagement in December.

“It’s funny because sometimes these articles will come out, or I’ll get asked about them, and I literally have no idea who these sources are or where they’re getting their information,” Stanton shared. “We broke up in December.”

“We’ve seen each other a couple times [since],” she revealed. “I think that’s just kind of bound to happen when you’re both part of the Bachelor family, but no, we’re not going to get back together.”

“He’s not trying to get back with me. I’m not trying to get back with him,” she added. “I think we’ve both moved on.”


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